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Where do you want to be?

Look around you. See the world that you are currently involved in. Think about this time last year. And likewise the world that you were currently involved in. Without asking your opinion or your consent things change. What were the plans that you had made for this year that is now coming to a close?

Pipe band, while it is not actually your life, it is a part of your life and it is one that you have chosen for whatever reason or reasons. We all begin down this road and learn as we go. We learn that pipe band life is fun and exciting and can provide tremendous memories in life. We also find that pipe band is hard, challenging, fast paced and quite often unforgiving. We hopefully learn to put aside our singular wants and work together with others to achieve our common goals.

Remember to give yourself credit for the achievements you have worked so hard for. Give yourself credit for still showing up and not giving in to your own specific wants -- but continuing to provide for others as well and to help each other move forward.

And, we as a band have moved forward. We did not give up and fall apart when faced with adversity we dug in and held together. This past year we have continued to grow, refine and redefine.

Some things changed without our opinion or consent.

People will come and go within the pipe band timeline. Some leave and return, some leave and do not return. Some stay and will never leave.

Going into this new year we should ask ourselves and each other are we where we want to be?

Look around you. Things are different now than they were a year ago just as they will be next year when we look around again.


Patrick O'Leary // I guess I came into pipe band as an adult and not a child like some people do. I also came into pipe and thinking my shit didn't stink as a drummer. I was quickly educated on my misconceptions and I saw that pipe band was fast and demanding and it did not wait. I think that helped back in the day to create a better band because if you didn't put in you did not get out. That sort of learning mentality is difficult if not impossible for some, but the ones that survive tend to do well and keep a level thought process. The participation trophy mentality just doesn't work here.

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