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Virtual (mini) Band Contest.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We’re all painfully processing the traditional pipe band season being shuttered. This doesn’t mean we can’t continue to make music. As COVID related restrictions begin to lift, we’re hoping bands can begin to get back together to make music. We at Wake and District wanted to give bands a purpose to practice and are organizing a virtual Mini-Band-Major. Interest form @

What is a virtual mini-band major? The intent of this event is to provide U.S. based pipe bands in Grades 2,3,4 and 5 (along with Service Bands) to compete. Bands will need to get together in smaller groups (mini-bands) consisting of 4 pipers, 2 sides, 1 tenor and 1 bass and record their set(s) for video submission. Interest form @

The sets will be critiqued by pipe band adjudicators from outside the United States. All the recorded performances will be streamed, and overall rankings will be announced in a live-streaming event on Facebook. Interest form @

Considerations thus far:

  • This mini-major is open to any pipe band in the United States.*

  • Mini-Band 4 pipers, 2 snares, 1 tenor, 1 bass

  • We're still polling interest levels - 25 bands interested as of 06 June 2020

  • Dates for submission TBD.

  • Live-Streaming date TBD.

  • This will not be a sanctioned contest by any pipe band association.

  • There will be no entry fees.

  • There will be no prize monies -- awards will be virtual.

  • There may be some swag prizes along with obvious bragging rights.

  • Bands should compete in their appropriate grade level(s).

  • Bands are welcome to challenge up from their appropriate level.

  • Service Bands should submit a selection of tunes consisting of a slow march/slow air set appropriate for a public safety funeral and/or memorial service.

  • G5 bands should submit a Quick March Medley

  • G4, G3 and G2 bands should submit one MSR and/or one Medley.

  • Bands are welcome to submit more than one entry provided they have enough members to field multiple mini-bands.

  • Adjudicator's will be from outside the United States, allowing U.S. Bands to be critiqued by persons who may have never heard them before.

  • Bands will receive a copy of their sheets.

  • The adjudicator's decisions are final.

  • Bands are welcome to submit more than one entry provided they have enough members to field multiple mini-bands.

  • Wear your uniforms - the online pipe band world will be watching.

  • Interest form @

Questions, comments, concerns --


The contest will be adjudicated by the panel from Play For Sheets


* We encourage our pipe band friends from around the globe to organize their own mini-major and would be happy to assist in any way. Who knows, maybe we can hold a mini-world pipe band championship at the end of this.

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