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March to the Beat!

Are you ready to march to the beat of your own drum? Look no further! The Wake and District Pipe Band is on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our dynamic ensemble as Bass Drummers.

Why the Bass Drum? The heartbeat of any pipe band, the Bass Drum is the pulse that drives our music forward, setting the rhythm and giving our performances that unmistakable energy. As a Bass Drummer, you'll not only play a crucial role in keeping our sound tight and powerful, but you'll also be at the forefront of our captivating performances, commanding attention with every beat.

What We Offer:

Professional Instruction: Learn from seasoned professionals who will guide you every step of the way, from mastering basic techniques to honing your skills for performances and parades.

Free Instruction: Yes, you read that right! Our instruction comes at no cost to you, ensuring anyone with a passion for percussion can join us on this musical journey.

Uniforms and Equipment Provided: From kilts to drumsticks, we've got you covered. Focus on your craft while we take care of the rest, ensuring you have everything you need to shine.

About Us: The Wake and District Pipe Band is a spirited community of musicians dedicated to sharing the rich tradition of Scottish bagpipe and drum music with audiences near and far. From stirring marches to lively jigs, our performances captivate audiences and leave lasting impressions wherever we go. As ambassadors of Scottish culture, we take pride in our heritage while embracing innovation and creativity in our music-making.

Join the Beat: Ready to make some noise and be part of something truly special? Whether you're a seasoned drummer or a newcomer to the world of percussion, we welcome you with open arms. Join the Wake and District Pipe Band and experience the thrill of making music that moves hearts and minds and honors those who serve and sacrifice on our behalf.

How to Get Involved: For more information and to express your interest, reach out to us directly at Don't miss your chance to be part of the rhythm revolution!

Let's march to the beat together!

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