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The Multiplier Effect.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

If you haven’t heard of The Piano Guys before then let us just tell you that you are seriously missing out.  These guys are a perfect example of what happens when good people with incredible talent come together…they create something truly magnificent, not to mention inspiring.

Each of their talents are unique, and each one alone could have an amazing solo career sharing their individual talents, but when they combined their efforts and formed a group the multiplier effect of their talents being brought together was nothing short of magic.

When we find others who share common values but who can each bring their own unique talent to the table, we are able to accomplish so much more than we ever dreamed of doing alone.

See for yourself the magic that happens when you bring good people with differing talents together:

And we have to share a personal favorite where they taught us to let grace do the fighting for us. Steven Sharp Nelson of the Piano Guys said — “When the fights of our life grow to fierce, we can turn them over to grace and let grace do the fighting for us. And that’s what this song is about.”   Be AMAZED by Grace. 

After watching that video you can see why we;re SO EXCITED to be sending 4 of our pipers to participate in their upcoming live concert next week when their Nationwide tour hits Durham (Thursday, February 21st)!  Tickets available @

We own every album The Piano Guys have ever made and every single album is seriously awesome! And their newly released Limitless album is the perfect way to hear them showcase their talent – check it out for yourself at:

If you want to see more of their amazing videos posted online you can check them out here:

And if you want to see them in concert here is a link to their nationwide tour schedule:

Combine your unique talent with other good people in order to create something truly MAGIC!


Thanks Amy-Rees Anderson

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