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Sound Observations.

Sharing some sound observations from Dalton Marshall on using Zoom Video Communications for mobile pipe band practice sessions...

We've been conducting Zoom band lessons for over a month at this point and I have a few observations that I believe will help us to continue to refine the format for rehearsals, workshops, and one on one lessons.

First, I want to again share a link about how to do everything you can do to improve audio quality and playback so we can have the best content to work with. If you are limited by gear, you can at least alter audio settings in Zoom. If you scroll about a third of the way through the article linked below (past the video links), there are step by step images of how to change the audio settings on Zoom.

Second, I know we have diverse setups and battle stations for when we jump on Zoom, but I think this is an easy checklist of items to make things easier for all:

  1. Whichever device type you are using, try to set it up so that you have the ability to display your face for talking and also both your hands for playing, or the ability to toggle between the two.

  2. Headphones are a solid addition to your station to improve sound. It will isolate the incoming sound from outgoing, which will cause fewer disturbances in the force.

  3. Access to a tune book, paper or digital. We screen share quite a bit and that works quite well, but I see some struggling to read off of the share because or screen size or internet strength.

  4. Somewhere to take notes. I am old school so I prefer a legal pad and pen, but what matters is preserving the instruction given to you so you can refer back, rather than expecting your mind to recall a two hour stream.

  5. A metronome. I finally got a good set up for audio so my metronome comes across pretty well, but when we are listening to individuals, it would be better all the audio to come from one source so it will be synced up.

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