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Sitting under the tent.

Sitting under a tent can be for several occasion or events. We sit under tents at barbeques, tailgating, fishing, at the beach, concerts, band competitions and funerals.

On Thursday I sat under that tent again but in a different chair, no standing-by to signal the band, not holding the long salute. Sitting there as a husband to hold my wife’s hand, hug my little girl and to watch over my teenage son as he was to receive his grand pa’s flag. I sat there listening to the preachers preach knowing my father in law believed and was in a better place, he is sick no more! I sat there while taps was played and they folded the flag with precision and dedication. I sat there while the US Army carried the battlefield tradition of firing three Volley rounds to signal the cease fire “to clear and care for the deceased”! I sat there watching the soldiers hand my son his grand pa’s flag, I sat there watching the sergeant march over and hand my son the three volley cartridges that were fired. The three volleys stand for “duty, honor and sacrifice”.

As the Sergeant marched away the piper began to play.

I have heard our band play Amazing Grace over a thousand times — but this time it was different. It wasn’t at a bar with glasses raised high, it wasn’t at Monday night band rehearsal, it wasn’t at a fallen firefighters or police memorial service. It was at my father-in-law’s memorial service — honoring his life and his dedication to country and family. It was sending him home! I have always been very proud of our band and what we have accomplished over the 13 years. I am proud of what we have done and where we have been!

I am humbly grateful for everyone’s dedication to our mission! I cannot thank you all enough for what you do! “For Our Fallen” Humbly yours, DM Jason Lane

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