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Serve the Moment.

Some pipers and drummers believe they deserve the respect of the public and their peers just because they have a kilt. These musicians tend to march around with a sense of entitlement without ever truly grabbing hold of our true mission, to serve the community and the music, not our egos.

But then we have the grinders. These musicans spend their entire lives learning to earn the public's and their peers' respect. They believe in serving and know they are only as good as the work they have done. They don't constantly advertise they are pipers or drummers like the first group tends to do but quietly live in a way that brings honor to the tradition.

Happy grinders pursue perfection, knowing they'll never reach it, and are happy about it because they've embraced the journey of becoming a craftsman and the pursuit of excellence.

They relentlessly work with a full heart and a deep appreciation for the responsibility in front of them.

Their pipe band life is marked with blood, sweat, and no regrets because they served the moment.


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