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Good Enough.

Most people don’t go after what they really want. Why? Because they’re stuck in a good-enough trap. Somewhere along the way, we start to live our lives by default, taking whatever is put in front of us. We settle for mediocrity, whether it’s personal, professional, or pipe band, because it’s “good enough.”

Besides, if you ask for something better, or if you go full-speed towards your real desires. It might not happen. You could even lose what you already have. So it’s good enough. The good-enough mindset is fueled by fear and self-doubt. You catastrophize, assuming that you’ll get rejected, fail, or hear the word no. So yeah, it’s easier to take what you can get and avoid the disappointment and humiliation of missing your target. That’s why you’re frozen. That’s why you don’t act.

But not taking those chances will cost you. Settling for good enough never leads to something better. Good enough gives you:

👉 Relationships that sputter out or grow toxic

👉 Crappy jobs that don’t recognize your worth

👉 Poor physical and mental health

👉 Stagnation and resentment

Screw good enough.

That’s no way to go through this one life we’re given. Instead, of good, go for better. Instead of what you get, go for bigger. Instead of fearing failure, be bold—and then be bolder.


If you’re ready to ditch the good-enough mindset, check out Bigger, Better, Bolder: Live the Life You Want, Not the Life You Get from Jennifer Cohen.

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