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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The ”World” pipe band season came to a close last weekend as the final band left the field in Glasgow. Next thing you know — summer will be over. As seasons change we charge ahead which includes getting our Grade 4 band back on the field. As we make ready, give this article (One Season Ends, Another Begins) from Amy Rees Anderson a read and join us looking forward to what is yet come... #BandReady

I cannot believe that summer is coming to an end and fall is beginning. Our summer vacations have come to an end, most everyone’s kids are back to school at this point, and we all have to get back into our normal routines again.

In some ways it’s sad to have summer playtime behind us – facing the end of our little break from the norm and our time off and playing out in the sunshine. But in other ways there is also something very comforting about getting back into a normal routine once again and where we have a little more consistency and more of a normal schedule to follow. The hardest part for me is having my son head back to college and not having him around as much. That along with having my daughter still gone on her mission. It’s sad to have the house be so quiet again. I definitely miss having my kids at home

It seems everything in life is in seasons, and with the end of each season comes the beginning of the next. Letting go of the past season is often hard and makes you sad because you don’t want to let go of the good things that came with that season…and the only way I know to cope with that sadness we go through when that happens is to try and consider all the wonderful things that the next season might hold and then focus our thoughts on that each day instead.

And so as we head into fall we can focus on things like going to fun football games, and the beautiful fall leaves changing colors soon, and fresh squeezed apple cider, and our favorite TV shows coming back on, and all the exciting holidays that come with fall and wintertime.

And when it comes to ending one season of our life and beginning another….well those can be a little tougher on us than going from summer to fall…but nonetheless we have to try and focus our thoughts on all those positive things that this next season of our life will bring to our lives.  That, and always believe that the best is yet to come…

Have an amazing day everyone.


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