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Good endings lead to good beginnings.

The Wake and District Pipe Band recently convened for its annual general meeting on January 8, 2024, with over 50 members participating both in person and virtually. The gathering was a time to reflect on achievements, assess areas for improvement, and, most importantly, chart the course ahead...

The meeting kicked off the new season with elections for key positions on the band board, including Member at Large, Band Manager, and Treasurer. Joe Brady, Band Manager, and John Schodtler, Treasurer, were re-elected unopposed, while Jacob Egen secured the position of Member at Large with a majority vote. Lindsay Kosydar, Assistant Band Manager, and Katie Hope, Secretary, continue to fulfill their roles on the board.

The band's musical leadership remains consistent, with Ken McKeveny (G3), Michael Iannuzzi (G3), Paul Landers (G4), and Fisher Reese (G4) leading the competitive bands. Joe Brady and Patrick O’Leary continue to guide the General band.

Looking back on 2023, the band celebrated several successes. A new class of students, comprising both pipers and drummers, commenced their musical journey with lessons held at the MacLellan studio in Zebulon. Roddy MacLellan joined the band, introducing the art of bagpipe making to the Triangle region. Additionally, the band proudly unveiled collaboratively designed practice chanters crafted by members at the MacLellan workshop.

Competitive bands had the privilege of participating in workshops with the renowned Bob Worrall, focusing on Medleys and MSRs for both G3 and G4.

The annual band party provided an opportunity to recognize achievements, honoring Ken McKeveny as Piper of the Year, Caren Smith as Drummer of the Year, and Joe Harwell as Member of the Year.

Despite challenges, the G4 group made their debut at the Chicago games and achieved organizational bests.

Throughout 2023, the band aimed to be more present in the community, participating in various events and ceremonies, such as the Spirit of ’76 Mini-Tattoo, RPD and Highway Patrol ceremonies, Wake Tech and Johnston County BLET graduations, Durham and Raleigh FD graduations, Campbell University graduations, and more.

The band welcomed new members, bid farewell to others, and celebrated with its current 64 kilted pipers and drummers.

With a focus on growth, members plan to enhance the band's sound by improving the standard tune repertoire, resurrecting favorites, and introducing a new March Medley.

Financial matters were also addressed, with the band acknowledging $51,420.60 in revenue. These funds were invested in enhancing the band's sound through new pipe chanters and reeds, as well as a new line of snare drums. Uniforms were not overlooked, with investments in new waistcoats, jackets, socks, and flashes.

In summary, the Wake and District Pipe Band emphasized the importance of good endings leading to good beginnings. As we embark on 2024, there is a sense of gratitude for members, leadership, resources, and the collective commitment to standing "For our Fallen."

With a strong foundation, the band looks forward to overcoming challenges and embracing new opportunities in the year ahead.

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