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Strive for more.

We often start things with a very good reason behind why we are doing it. There is typically a motivation that is driving us forward. But sometimes we can get so busy doing something that we totally lose sight of WHY we started doing it in the first place!

It’s so critical for each of us to set check points where we stop and remember WHY we started doing it to begin with and then ask yourself if where you are now is fulfilling your reason WHY you started down the path.

We can be doing something so fast and furiously and with so much intent that we get sucked into a tide that just keeps carrying us forward, and we can go weeks and even months or years before we stop and check to see if what we are doing is fulfilling the WHY we did it.

Members of pipe bands often find themselves in this situation. Some start a band with the goal of honoring fallen police officers and firefighters and others start it with the goal of becoming G1 World Champions. There is a big difference between those two and both come at very different costs.

All of us find ourselves in this situation in our own personal lives as well. Our goal may be to take on a new hobby for the sheer enjoyment, yet as we do it more it becomes competitive for us and we can become obsessed with being the very best. In that process we suck the sheer enjoyment out of it and we find that we are no longer achieving the WHY we had hoped to.

That’s why at least once a month we should schedule ourselves an appointment to sit down with our own self and really remember the why behind setting our goals and then assess if what we are doing is fulfilling our WHY. That way we can avoid letting ourselves being sucked into the tide and carried somewhere we never actually wanted to go.

When it comes to the #PipeBandLife, one goal you should consider is: strive for more.

If you can do this in every aspect, the result cannot help but be the best band member possible. If you strive for more knowledge, it leads to more understanding, not just of music but of yourself, which in turn results in true realization. This realization shows , indeed, your growth in knowledge must continue.

It is this continuity which allows you to flourish. You become a more well rounded player. You become a steady and positive influence to your bandmates. They, in turn, desire to have what you have, so they, too, strive for more.

Do this with pure intentions, and the best experience of your life will have no end.

So do it. Strive for more.

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