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Southern Branch wants and needs.

Here are some of the initiatives Michael Iannuzzi would implement if elected as the Southern Branch Chair for 2021. Think of this as a starting point to what he has heard as wants and needs throughout the Southern Branch.

  1. Schedule monthly Southern Branch Zoom meetings. These meetings will have a set agenda where we share branch news, have a Q&A, spotlight a band within the branch, and devote 15-20 minutes on educational resources. This will be musically and business focused. We can share resources on how to effectively and efficiently run your bands with tips on marketing, fundraising, and general organization tips.

  2. Establish a playbook for online contests - many of the games are struggling during this time of COVID. My hope is to engage games leaders and hand them a playbook that is easy and effective to get a virtual games going. We would also establish a virtual support group that can be a resource for helping with any technological challenges that arise.

  3. Create a membership campaign to get people re-engaged with the southern branch. It is no secret that membership has been on the decline over the last few years. If we can clearly communicate the value of being a member, and deliver on key value drivers, I believe more people will engage. I also believe we should explore a cost effective supporter membership for family and friends that don’t compete or even play in a Southern Branch Band.

  4. Develop quarterly zoom meeting to engage youth members of the southern branch. Until we are able to meet in person, the idea is to have virtual workshops with world class players and instructors. This will also provide a resource for youth pipe band leaders and instructors to learn how some of the best are leveling up their youth organizations.


You cannot VOTE in branch elections unless you and your band are REGISTERED members of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association. Make sure you and your band are renewed for the 2021 season - or JOIN the EUSPBA NOW.

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