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Pipe band life.

All in all I am so grateful for the lessons I was able to learn growing up playing in a pipe band. I had no idea it would prepare me as well as it would for my future.  PIPE BAND IS LIFE!

We continue to realize how playing in pipe bands has prepared us incredibly well for life. There are so many different analogies and tie-ins… But here are just a few we were pondering:

  • Be teachable: Be humble enough to accept constructive criticism from leaders. Don’t be offended, be open. Always have the attitude of “how am I lacking?”   If Michael Iannuzzi says to adjust how to play a phrase in a tune… Then heck… REMEMBER IT and adjust how to play the phrase!! Don’t question the man! Trust the coach!

  • Pump up the team: bring energy and high spirits into the field at all times so that all the people you come in contact with are refilled with the light of Christ and the desire to fulfill their purpose! Lift, encourage, inspire, and bless!

  • Apply the game film: don’t just take notes during meetings… But actually go out and APPLY what you learn. Make the necessary corrections and CHANGE what you need to in order to be effective.

  • Practice how you play: Role play! Even though sometimes it’s the worst, you need to take it seriously! We will receive inspiration on what others need if we put ourselves in their ghillie brogues and BECOME them!

  • Teamwork: you have to learn how to work with others in unity in order to fulfill the goal! We have to be willing to give and take a little. Forgive others for their weaknesses and move on! Pray for them and their hardships. Help them up when they fall. Without each other’s support, we are nothing! There is no “i” in “team”…

  • Set goals and have a vision: what are you going to accomplish in this run? BE SPECIFIC about HOW you are going to reach your goals! Or nothing will change and actually happen! When we adjust our focuses we will have success in all our doings!

  • Mental game: “whether you think you can or you can’t.. You’re right.” -(some important sports guy that I forgot.) “The future is as bright as your faith” – Neil L Andersen. If you go into a game expecting to have already lost… then heaven knows you will lose! Same goes for people. If you don’t think they will ever change… they probably won’t! If you have high hopes and expectations for yourself and others, and you pray and work your guts out to make things happen, then they will live up to those expectations! Mind over matter!

  • Muscle Memory: For us to perfect a “play” or the “perfect run”, it takes repetition and study! We have to be diligent in our studies and through repetition will understand more clearly how to be able to teach others in a simple way.

  • On the clock: we only have limited time to give it our absolute all. Don’t waste time, don’t walk when you’re on the field, don’t give up. How many hours is our “fishing line” actually in the water? Are we just filling our time with busy work to make us feel productive? Or are we using our time effectively? We only have this short amount of time to serve and the rest of our lives to look back. Make every second count!

  • Don’t be a sore loser: when things don’t go the way we wanted trust that God has a better plan in mind! And when we get doors slammed in our faces say, “sweet is the work!” And keep moving forward! That means you’re one door closer to the miracle! Be full of faith!

  • Study the opponent: Know how he works and operates so we can avoid temptations and snares when they come! He knows what makes us fall, so study out how to avoid and resist him!

  • Stay in bounds: Keep the rules! Be exactly obedient and play the game how it’s meant to be played! Don’t step out of bounds so the clock and game stop… Stay within the lines so that you can accomplish the goal and score!

  • Be respectful on and off the field: what you do on and off the field reflects not only you, but your band. Everything we do reflects not only us, but our family and our faith. “When you stand alone… Who will you be?” – Lawrence E. Corbridge. “Be true in the dark and humble in the spotlight” – Sister Wakolo. Don’t put on a face and act a certain way just around leaders…but even in our own time from day to day.

  • Win the prize: at the end of the contest when we did our absolute best and gave our all, we get to experience one of the sweetest joys and rewards! How’s THAT for a prize?

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