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Marching on.

For all of those parades we hate. Those times when tuning isn't so great. Somehow we keep marching on. For those tunes we felt like we made a mistake – those moments when at the end our feet ached. As we hear the drones fade, we reflect on all the tunes we played; we’re marching on…

The fog has lifted and another St. Patrick’s Day is in the books. We are so thankful to everyone who came out to support and promote the band both in and out of the circle – and all the folks behind the scenes putting the pieces together. We were very well received everywhere we went – and left a quality impression of the culture and music we work so hard to share. We are all part of a powerful tradition. What a secure place it is to be part of a tradition. We are fortunate to have one another.

Sharing sentiments from our Pipe Major, Dalton Marshall to our membership now that the fog of Brigadoon has dissipated -- "...thanks to everyone for being attentive and responsive this weekend. We delivered respectable performances which well-earned what the band was paid. This money will go to uniforms, instruments, etc -- giving others the opportunity to have these kinds of experiences in the future. Let’s keep refining and furthering the tradition."

From the sands of North Myrtle Beach – to the pollen packed trees of Hilton Head Island - to the ice of PNC Arena with the Hurricanes -- and the corners of pubs in Raleigh-Durham — there were many memorable moments we will keep with us from all things St. Patrick this 2019.

We will continue to put one foot in front of the other and move like we ain’t got no other.

We go when we go, We’re marching on. #OneRepublic

By the right, quick, march!


A myriad of Facebook photos from the St. Patrick’s Day 2019 shenanigans can be seen here.

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