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It’s worth it.

7 years ago I took this photo of Dalton Marshall in the Laurinburg Harris Teeter. It was the first year we became friends and started playing in a pipe band together.

Since then, we have devoted thousands of hours to our craft, piping and drumming. We’ve played numerous contests, won major championships. Together we trekked through the Himalayas — and made music as a part of the SAU pipe band program.

I’ve spent time with his family, and he has spent time with mine. He’s danced at my wedding and we’ve shed tears over the loss of his grandfather. We’ve broke a few hearts, and polished off a few beers. However, I believe what we are doing with Wake and District might be the most special thing we have worked on together thus far.

The point of this post, other than to share this photo to show how weird Dalton looks without hair and a beard, is to prove how piping and drumming can unite two people to do incredible things.

For the younger members in the band, the world of piping and drumming can help you make life long connections. Piping and Drumming can take you to places you would have never gone to, and places your non-pipe band friends will never go. The same can be said for the older members too. Think about the events that you’ve played with the organization... Virginia Tattoo, the Chieftains, The Piano Guys.

What about playing For the Fallen, which is the most important event of all. I would say that playing the funeral for the 4 Star General and his family last year was the most rewarding and humbling event I’ve ever played in 17 years. But more importantly, think about the friends and connections you have made along the way.

Stick with it, it’s worth it.

- Michael Iannuzzi

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