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Common Ground.

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Throughout the years, the Wake and District Public Safety Foundation (Pipe Band) has cultivated a culture of respect, excellence, camaraderie, and commitment. The band’s members have come from all walks of life and have a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.

Wake and District has a set of core values serving to guide its members throughout their journey with the band. These key values include:

  1. Respect: A cornerstone of the band's culture, each member respects and appreciates the unique contributions of every individual, no matter their level of skill or experience.

  2. Excellence and Passion: Each band member is committed to the highest standards of excellence in their craft, from the most experienced members to the most novice.

  3. Camaraderie and Commitment: Band members support and encourage each other through open and honest communication. Working together and helping each other reach their full potential is an integral part of the band culture.

  4. Tradition: The Wake and District Pipe Band follows Celtic cultural traditions and methods in their music, while also recognizing the need to innovate in order to stay relevant in today’s world.

Wake and District is committed to upholding these core values and providing its members with an environment that embodies them. Through these shared values, the band has built a tight-knit community of talented and passionate individuals who take pride in their craft and appreciate each other’s unique contributions.

Wake and District has established a strong set of values to guide its members, based on respect, excellence, passion, camaraderie, commitment, and tradition. The band is committed to upholding these values and providing an environment that embodies these qualities. This commitment creates a close-knit group of individuals who take pride in their craft and appreciate the unique talent and passions of each of its members.

Ultimately, these core values ensure Wake and District is a vibrant, welcoming environment for all its members. By emphasizing these values, the band is able to focus on achieving the highest standards of excellence in their music while also staying true to its traditions. In short, Wake and District is a fantastic band for anyone seeking to join a supportive, respectful, and talented community of musicians.


Wake and District is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving tradition through music and service. As a member of the organization, there are certain expectations placed on individuals to ensure the continued success of the band. These expectations include:

Commitment: Wake and District expects its members to be committed to the band's mission and values. This means attending practices and performances regularly and being willing to put in the time and effort needed to improve as a musician.

Professionalism: Wake and District expects its members to act professionally at all times. This means treating other members, audiences, and clients with respect, and conducting oneself in a manner that reflects positively on the band and its mission.

Skill and Improvement: Wake and District expects its members to be skilled musicians, and to be committed to improving their skills over time. This means practicing regularly, seeking out feedback and guidance from other members, and working to improve one's technique and performance.

Teamwork: Wake and District is a team-oriented organization, and expects its members to work together as a cohesive unit. This means being willing to help other members, being open to constructive feedback, and working collaboratively to create high-quality performances and educational programs.

Community Involvement: Wake and District expects its members to be actively involved in the community through performances, educational programs, and charitable work. This means being willing to volunteer time and resources to community events and organizations, and representing Wake and District in a positive and professional manner.

In summary, Wake and District expects its members to be committed, professional, skilled, team-oriented, and community-minded. By meeting these expectations, members contribute to the band's continued success and help to preserve tradition through service.

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