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Always there.

Some 10 years ago long time member Alan Armstrong penned two tunes for the band -- and we wanted to share them again with all of our friends and fans here on the interwebs.

In terms of musical skill and proficiency, Wake and District was a different band when these tunes were recorded. Our mission and the meaning behind the music we make remains the same.

Read what Alan had to say about these tunes and give them a look and listen through the links below:

I wrote the Wake and District March so the band would have its own theme song. Since the band's motto is "For Our Fallen," I wanted to pay homage to the brave men and women who, as first responders, put their lives on the line daily for all of us.
There are lots of other bands that serve first responders of their local towns and cities, but many of them play the same tunes to honor their fallen. I wanted Wake and District to be different; I wanted the band to have a tune of its own to be played at those important times when honoring the service of our police, fire, and emergency personnel with a solemn march is appropriate.
Both of these tunes mean a lot to me personally, because the band means something to me personally. It is such a joy to participate in an organization that is committed to honoring others in a way that is both emotionally and musically edifying.
The time will come when I will no longer be able to play with the band, but as long as these two tunes are still performed I will always be there.


For Our Fallen


Wake and District March


The Wake and District Public Safety Pipe Band was formed in May of 2006 and originated out of the idea we need to better recognize and thank the individuals who risk their lives on a daily basis for the safety of the community.  In addition to this goal this group strives to honor those heroes who have lost their lives in these endeavors.

These heroes are no longer with us. But we can tell you in our hearts, we will always remember and be grateful for your husband, your wife, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your daughter, your son.

We will make sure that their names and their memories live on in the hearts, minds, and souls of our community for generations to come.

This is our commitment. This is our duty. FOR OUR FALLEN

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