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A Folded Flag.

What is the importance of a folded flag? Most people who see this picture, see a folded flag and think nothing of it. To the family of a fallen Law Enforcement Officer, this flag represents the death of someone they love.

This flag is usually draped over the coffin their loved one is in. This flag is taken off the coffin and folded perfectly by an honor guard team or members of the fallen Officer’s agency. This flag is then given to the highest ranking person in the agency.

Law Enforcement funeral traditions will done to honor the fallen Officer. A bag piper will play Amazing Grace. There will be a twenty one gun salute. (Seven members of an Honor Guard will each fire their rifle three times) A trumpet player will play Taps.

The flag detail often slips three shell casings into the folded flag before presenting the flag to the family. Each casing represents one volley. This gesture provides a slightly different meaning for the symbolism of the three bullets in a military funeral.

The highest ranking member of the fallen Law Enforcement Officer’s agency will present this flag to the family and try to find the words to help the family in the grieving process.

This folded flag will be held tightly and holds thousands of tears shed during the funeral. This folded flag represents one of the last moments a family has with their loved one before they are laid to rest. Long after the ceremony has ended, this folded flag will hold a place of honor in the house of the surviving members.

This folded flag is a stark reminded of how dangerous being a Law Enforcement Officer is. No Law Enforcement Family wants to receive this folded flag.

To the families who have received a folded flag, we mourn with you and honor your sacrifice.

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