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4 Letter Words.

Jeffrey Gitomer  said “Change is not a four letter word…but often your reaction to it is!” Change is’s trading the known for the unknown. It’s leaving something behind without knowing if what lies ahead. It’s wondering “Will I like it as much?” “Will it ever be as good as it was?” “What if it’s not?…What then?”

And all those thoughts drive feelings of fear and uncertainty. But what if we stopped viewing change as a four letter word?  What if instead our thoughts were, “As much as I loved life before I know it is only going to keep getting better.” “I am so excited for this change! What a great adventure this is going to be.” “It’s so awesome to know the best is yet to come!” Man what a difference changing a few thoughts in our heads can make.

Our thoughts control our feelings, therefore if we allow ourselves to think of change as a four letter word then it will be just that. However, if we decide change is something exciting and fabulous we will feel completely different about it – we will embrace change and be excited for it because we know with each change which happens it is taking us somewhere better!

Organizations and individuals who resist change struggle, fall behind -- and ultimately fail.

Think of it like a road trip where you are guaranteed each new exit along the highway will take you to a place more beautiful than the last. Each new exit will introduce you to more and more fabulous people will further enrich and bless your life. Each new exit you explore will teach you more than the last one did. Each new exit you visit will give you more experience and wisdom than you ever had before. With every new exit you are guaranteed the opportunity to become a better person. The highway is our life…and CHANGE is nothing more than arriving at the next exit with it’s great big sign which says “it only gets better from here” …  So get out there and enjoy it!

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