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Inspiring a generation to Make Noise and Beloud.  
Fall, 2023 semester registration open now!

The Wake and District teaching program nurtures the values of teamwork, leadership, and musicianship among aspiring pipers and drummers of the Raleigh region. Individuals aged 10 to 25 can embark on a journey from complete novices to active participants in the Wake and District Pipe Band.

They will receive instruction in the art of playing either the bagpipes or the Scottish-style drumming from members of Raleigh's esteemed pipe band.

The Fall Class for 2023 is set to commence on October 5th, with registration closing on September 15th.

Lessons will take place every Thursday from 7 to 8 PM at the MacLellan Bagpipes located in Downtown Zebulon.

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How long does the program last, and what's next?

Since individuals learn at varying rates, we make dedicated efforts to cater to diverse learning preferences and paces. The curriculum is designed to span around six months; however, some musicians might display exceptional progress, while others might require more time. As students advance, they will seamlessly move into the Wake and District Pipe Band. Here, they will carry forward their learning within a pipe band context, participate in competitions, and further nurture their musical growth.

Learn more about Wake and District Pipe Band here.

When do they get to perform?

After finishing the initial program and becoming part of the Wake and District Pipe Band, students will participate in a range of events throughout the year. These include community gatherings, parades, concerts, and competitions, where they will showcase their musical talents.

What is the time commitment for  Piping & Drumming?

Weekly sessions are scheduled and regular attendance is vital to ensure that musicians do not miss crucial instructions. As each student has their individual learning pace, our objective is to equip new musicians with the essential resources for success. Additionally, practicing beyond these weekly classes is important. Advancing in musical proficiency necessitates steady, daily practice. 

Do I need to play an instrument or read music to join?

No! This program is designed to teach all the skills necessary to participate in a pipe band.

Do I need to purchase an instrument?

The program will furnish the essential instruments to facilitate the musician's initial steps. Generally, the band supplies instruments for drummers, whereas pipers are responsible for their own. Nonetheless, obtaining a set of bagpipes in the early stages is not recommended, and it's advisable for students to consult instructors before obtaining their personal instrument.

What age is best for starting to learn?

Musicians embark on their learning journeys at various ages; nonetheless, this program is tailored for individuals aged 10 to 25.

How much does the program cost?

Enrollment for the Fall 2023 session carries a fee of $100. Each student will receive a practice chanter or drumsticks along with a practice pad, in addition to educational materials provided throughout the program. This fee guarantees access to top-notch instruction for the entirety of the curriculum and is non-refundable.

Can we register at a later date?

The program follows a progressive structure and is designed to suit group learning dynamics. Applications are not considered after a session's commencement date, but there will be upcoming start dates that students can join to initiate their journey with the program.

Who are the instructors for the program?

Students will be able to engage with and gain knowledge from diverse members of the Wake and District Pipe Band. Yet, the program's guidance primarily comes from Joe Brady, and Katie Hope, while drumming instruction is overseen by Andrew Kosydar, Lindsey Kosydar, and Patrick O'Leary.

Where is the program held?

Thursday evening instruction (7-8PM) occurs at MacLellan Bagpipes at 217 North Arendell in Downtown Zebulon.

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