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Music. Membership. Mission.  
These tenets form our foundation, our measure of success.

Our members are police officers, lawyers, engineers, students, machinists, Doctors to name but a few and all are tremendous individuals who share the common goal of being a successful and competitive pipe band. The band continues to exist thanks to the ongoing support of the public safety professionals throughout the Raleigh region; we are proud of our long history with them.

Each year the band participates in a number of events on behalf of the Public Safety Services. These events include recruit graduation ceremonies, awards and promotion ceremonies and community events, however none are more important than our participation in the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation march and memorial each spring. These kinds of events pay tribute to public safety professionals who have given their lives in service to others.

Band members take great pride in all our endeavors and realize there is always a higher level of excellence to be won. We strive to be humble and grateful for our members, our collective talents and the opportunities we have to perform and grow and flourish as an organization.  We remain focused on future achievement. 

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I’ve never heard of these guys from North Carolina before BUT their pipes match Inverary and Fife and they know their music back-to front, better than most of us here.  Who the f*@k are these guys?!?!”

Tactical Tuning Commander

"Bass Drummers is FIRST CLASS."

Robert Smyth

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Alan Armstrong**
Andrew Barrett
Mike Bishop*
Joe Brady*
Jimmy Brennen
Wyatt Brown

Quentin Christensen
Jonathan Coker

Paul Davis
Stuart Davidson
David Donachie
Mark Elliott
Bridget Englebretson
Jean Farrell
A. Brent Hale
Katherine Hope
Kirk Van Hyning
Andrew Kerr

Daniel Knapp
Paul Landers, G4 Pipe Major
Bruce Ledet
Patrick Leonard 
Roddy MacLellan
Dalton Marshall
Jon Mason

Tom McGrath
Ken McKeveny, G3 Pipe Major
Mark Montgomery
Matthew Nelson
Gabriel Nierman 
Jack O'Connell
Ron Pender
Jeff Portzer
Dylan Radford
Marybeth Roberson
Nick Rodriguez
John Schodtler
Catherine Slade

Chris Stockton

Isaiah Smith

Keaghan Smith
Rusty Smith

Dr. Michael Supples

Brian Wells
Seth Wells
Andrew Wilkinson
Joseph Williams

Snare Drummers

Kelsey Barry, G3 Lead Tipper

Tonia Bryant
Patrick Dunbar
Jacob Egen
Joe Harwell*
Patrick O’Leary

Fisher Luther Reese, G4 Lead Tipper
Dean Walker


Chris Brady*
Maggie Egen
Jessica Johnson
John Kilduff
Lindsey Kosydar
Jean Russell
Caren Smith

Andrew Kosydar
Jason Lane
Chris Rea

Steve Turnbull

Honorary Members

Wilbert “Tramp” Dunn

* Founding Band Member
** Emeritus Band Member

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