Award Bars (issued by the band) are to be worn as follows:

  • Multiple bars with class “A” jacket only.

  • Only one bar of choice with Class B or Summer white uniform shirt.

  • Bars will be worn centered above right chest pocket (bar edge rest above the top seem of pocket).

  • Multiple bars are allowed in a uniformed manner: right chest, not to exceed 3 wide


Proper Placement

Class B Shirt




For Class A jackets, the top of the first award displayed shall run even with the top of the badge on the opposite side. If a badge is not worn, line it even with the badge holder. The award display will be built on the RIGHT chest side of the jacket in order of precedence.


For Class A jackets with breast pockets center the award bars with the right pocket button and align bars by using the bottom edge of bars on pocket top seam.


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