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The Bells Rang.

On March 13, 1996, a man walked into the Dunblane (Scotland) Primary School armed with several guns. He fired his weapons 109 times murdering sixteen children and one adult before killing himself.

A memorial to the children who died in the Dunblane massacre (Danny Lawson / PA)

In the first hours after news of the tragedy came to light, a beautiful tribute was scored by Charlie Glendinning. Charlie spent nearly thirty years as Pipe Sergeant of the City of Washington Pipe Band (a.k.a. Denny and Dunipace, a.k.a. Scottish and Irish Imports). He scored many tunes which can be found in the Glendinning Collection of Bagpipe Music — which can be purchased @

The bells of Dunblane cathedral rang a long tribute to the victims. Pipe Major Robert Mathieson composed a slow air for the Highland Bagpipes in memoriam of the event. He entitled it "The Bells of Dunblane" because the silence of the people and the sound of the cathedral bells seemed much stronger than any spoken word. This tune is played quite frequently by many bands.

Wake and District proudly played Charlie’s air as part of our 2016 G3 ‘Protect and Serve’ medley which includes Dunblane, by Charlie Glendinning. Video of this medley below.

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