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Play "as if".

Andrew Hoinacki of ar2|drumming is the finest example of how a instructor should operate. His instruction was instrumental keeping Wake & District focused on future achievement.

We take great pride in all our endeavors and realize there is always a higher level of excellence to be won and Andrew was quintessential in our growth. Our members share strong bonds beyond the competition circle, fostering relationships with other members of the team.

Professional instruction allows us to flourish as an organization and continue to move forward; we were proud to have Andrew as part of our coaching team. His workshops and individual student relationships began with a few simple rules. He cites violations during his teaching sessions not only to keep the mood light, but also to keep our members focused on goals and the effective means toward achievement.

Now more than ever, we should revisit these rules and play "as if".

  1. GO FOR IT – Don’t ever say that you can not do something before you’ve actually tried it, and don’t be afraid to make big noises or make big mistakes. The harder you try, the bigger and more obvious your mistakes, the easier it is to eliminate weaknesses!!

  2. NO EXCUSES – There is no point in trying to explain why you didn’t achieve something. If it is due to lack of investment, try harder. If it was a technique flaw, fix it. If it was a loss of memory, focus more. Don’t make excuses… make improvements and excel.

  3. ACT AS IF – Professional methods lead to professional results! Spend your time invested in skill-building, knowing your instrument, and even dressing the part. If you use practice methods and  rehearsal strategies similar to a professional, and adopt a professional attitude toward your goals, then you are giving yourself the best possible chance of achieving a professional level of success.

Competitive Focus Priority  (equally applicable to producing any professional performance):

  • Priority #1 – Tempo – The drummers’ first responsibility individually and as a team is to maintain an accurate tempo.

  • Priority #2 – Clarity – The team must focus on playing in perfect unison which includes the notes and the sound being produced.

  • Priority #3 – Music – Each tune must be played in a manner properly suiting the execution and expression of that idiom.

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