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Most bands like to measure themselves by their strongest, most talented people. 

However, the strength of the band is always impacted by the weakest link, especially weak attitude links.  If you keep weak attitude links in your circle and do not address their poor behavior or hold them accountable for their actions, they can tear your band apart. You also do a disservice to all the band members who do things the right way if you keep weak attitude links, but you don’t work to change their attitudes.

It’s not a matter of ‘don’t be that person’, but instead, ‘we do not have that person’.

Weak attitude links are not necessarily bad people; they are just uncommitted to the band and the musical standards.  You must take the time to work with them to bring them on board to what your band stands for.

However, if you work with them for a while and they still choose not to get on board, you need to move on without them. The rest of the band deserves to have the best experience possible, and a weak attitude link diminishes the opportunity for that. Build around those who are committed to your band and your  standards.

Otherwise, you will lose the respect of those with the best attitudes if you do not deal properly with those with the worst attitudes.

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