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A gift of Grace.

The sound of the bagpipes have always provided dignity and solemnity during times of mourning. Now more than ever, the sorrow of grief-stricken families is compounded by social distancing restrictions imposed at funerals.

To help assuage the anguish of their bereavement, the Wake and District Pipe Band is working with Funeral Directors in the Raleigh region to provide our amazing music, a gift of grace for the families of loved lost.

This is a FREE service our members are volunteering to contribute to.

For any graveside funerals between now and when restrictions are lifted, Wake and District is providing solo bagpipers to play Amazing Grace at graveside services in the Raleigh region; maintaining all social distancing practices and abiding by funeral home and local orders (as indicated by the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service).

Funeral Directors can contact the band via email at -- or call/text @ 919.374.8166 to coordinate for any graveside funeral services in the Raleigh region.

The band is a registered 501c3 and our members are all volunteers.

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