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A fashion-forward future in 2024.

Updated: Jan 10

As we bid adieu to 2022, the Wake and District Pipe Band embarked on a transformative journey in 2023, marked by memorable experiences, growth, and a harmonious spirit that echoed through the notes of our bagpipes and drums.

The year commenced with a symbolic move, both for Roddy MacLellan, finding a new home in downtown Zebulon, and for the band, establishing a new musical haven. In the heart of Zebulon, our music intertwined with the fabric of the community where bagpipes are crafted, lessons are taught, and the World Pipe Band Championships are avidly watched.

In the midst of this change, we embraced a powerful mantra: "The good old days are happening right now." Each rehearsal, performance, and shared moment became a testament to the present, celebrating the unique tapestry of experiences woven by the band.

Our bagpipes and drums echoed in various corners of North Carolina, from playing at Graduation and Promotional Ceremonies for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to spreading St. Patrick's Day joy throughout the Raleigh Region. The camaraderie among members was palpable as they stepped up, played alternate instruments, and reveled in the joy of making music together.

The musical journey continued with the Spirit of 76 pipe band in Virginia, adding a touch of alter ego fun to our repertoire. Purposeful performances for the Raleigh Police Department further strengthened our connection with the community, highlighting the band's commitment to playing with a purpose.

The Grade 3 band, briefly on pause, experienced a revival in September, with Michael's return and the addition of Adrian Melvin, setting the stage for an exciting 2024. New QR Code bass drum heads added a modern twist, catching eyes and generating social media scans, showcasing the band's innovative spirit.

The Grade 4 band ventured into competition season, facing challenges but choosing to grind through, ultimately making a memorable trip to Chicago for a Medley competition. The shared experiences, both in and out of the circle, created miles of smiles and a sense of unity that resonated with the band's ethos.

Recognition from the State Bureau of Investigation underscored the band's commitment to answering the call to serve those who sacrifice, while shifting rehearsal locations to the Raleigh Police Training Center allowed the band to come together as a BIG band, marching in harmony.

A medley of rehearsals, socks, ties, and fashion discussions paved the way for the band's 2024 look. Michael's triumph at Grand Father Mountain, upgrading to Open Snare -- and Bridgette being dubbed Grade 2 Piper of the Day at Stone Mountain added a touch of victory to our musical journey.

In downtown Zebulon, the band not only played music but became an integral part of the community's culture, weaving our melodies into the daily life where bagpipes reign supreme.

Through ups and downs, new faces, farewells, and tributes to fallen heroes, the band remained collaborative and connected, focusing on what could be achieved together. From honoring veterans in Archer Lodge to playing at Christmas Parades, the band's music resonated with diverse audiences.

As we raised a glass and made music at Olde Raleigh Distillery one last time, adorned in goofy garter ties, we embraced the memories of 2023, anticipating a fashion-forward future in 2024. Our narrative for the upcoming year is grounded in 'Harmony'—the convergence of individual voices—and 'Heritage'—a rich tapestry reflecting our cultural identity. As we look back on the year that was, we stand united, stronger than ever, ready to create another chapter in our musical saga.

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