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Wake and District proudly uses gear from some of the following manufacturers. 

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for your band.  


bright, well balanced and easy to setup

We tried them all (literally) -- and our G3 pipers couldn't be more pleased playing G1 platinum reeds in our MacLellan band chanters.  They are bright, well balanced, and easy to setup.  Order yours directly from the button below (and tell Jackie we said hello).



pipe band snare heads

Pipe band snare drummers require an extremely bright and articulate sound and often have to push their heads to achieve this. With the Evans Pipe Band Snare batter, drummers now have the confidence to push their equipment to achieve the tone and pitch required for a championship winning corps.  Order yours from our mate Jeremy at LoneStar Piper.


Increased Stability

The REMO Powermax® Bass drum heads feature optimum tone control, attack and projection for maximum attack, tone control and durability.  Head art designed by Vast Graphics and implemented by Neckbone Graphics.



bigger, brighter, bolder

At MacLellan bagpipes they don’t strive to be the biggest, fastest or the cheapest. They do however, meticulously craft a small number of the some of the best sounding and most beautiful looking instruments - including the Mac-1 poly band chanter our G3 pipers helped design in 2014.  We have always received high marks with good volume, balance and projection.


designed by Tad Myers

A great visual for new student and experienced player alike, and is a great tool for setting up drone reeds and chanters for a consistent instrument.  For more info or to purchase email Roddy MacLellan.



House of Edgar

Our new band lilts were procured through the House of Edgar where a custom variation of the MacKay Ancient tartan was woven for us and our kilts were hand made to order.

New kilts #Mackay
Thank you _shop4ties for helping us design our brilliant new band ties #Tie #Raleigh #swag #WhyMacKa



Thank you to the City of Chicago Pipe Band for the recommendation to work with the team at Shop4Ties (and more) to create our custom ties and pocket squares. We can’t say enough about how easy it was to put this all together with their staff and how happy we have been with the result.


Shetland Kilt Hose

Combining the traditional skills with the latest knitting technology to produce the finest collection of country and shooting socks, kilt hose and fashion socks.  Our custom Merino Wool Socks have a subtle design knitted in matching kilt colors.  Shetland is hand finished to ensure a premium quality.

Our custom _houseofcheviot #Shetland #Mackay socks arrived.jpg